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The hyper ridden ads never tell you the truth about online lottery. Go through those headlines and banners and see things on your own. Of course, online lottery sites will go through thick and thin to make you feel like a winner. If you were to win jackpots so easily then these online lotteries will lose their charms. As a matter of fact, the odds of having your number pop up are 1 in 14,986,909!! This fact is going to remain the same way in every approach you make.

Winning those shiny million dollars is not a simple process. You really have to pay your 'dues' to earn them. However, there are some thought schools who have affected the lottery system effectively. Let us take a look at one important aspect here;

Serve it Hot n Chilled;

If it comes to hot numbers then you sure know what we are talking about. Hot numbers have a track record of being popped out mostly. All you need to do is keep track of all those previous numbers drawn out and your task is easy.

From here onwards, you have two options;

- Choose few hot numbers and then put your money on stake

- Go for a lot of hot numbers and invite your friends to pool in.

As a clear headed approach, we would recommend the second option to you. More hot numbers have higher probability of showing up again. You can use this strategy in land based lottery games too.