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Trying to get into an online lottery site is the easiest part. Anyone can make it in a few clicks so don't get too excited by those ads and banners. From this point onwards, your real challenge begins. Hence you require some sort of strategy to aid you along in making decisions. You have to know that those numbers will be rump roasting you if you are not careful enough.

The next time you delve into that surreal mega millions scheme, opt the following method(s);

Steering and Wheeling;

Start off by buying numerous tickets and then be certain of the known results! In order to make sure about it, start researching. Keep your eyes in every nook and cranny for those hot numbers. Once you have listed down the most sizzling ones, it's time to make your move. Cover all 40 - 49 numbers with 8 to 9 tickets. Your strategic goals need to be set out towards all numbers you bought your tickets for. Just sit back and relax and hope for the winning jackpot ticket!

Sections and Slots;

Online lottery is just like land based lottery games. Either you are online or offline, you can opt for this approach. Choose a group of numbers or colors who haven't even popped up yet. In the next few moves, you have some fair chances of winning something here. And numbers are just going to make you go for those groups which haven't shown up yet.