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Using Bodog Bonus Codes with Caribbean Hold'Em Poker

Players who want to get more for their money when playing Caribbean Hold'Em poker can take advantage of any number of Bodog bonus codes at Bodog Casino. These codes will help players increase the amount of their deposits and possibly win even more. While there are no bonuses specifically for poker players, the welcome bonuses and VIP bonuses are all handsome and provide players with the opportunity to play this exciting game for a longer amount of time.

Caribbean Hold'Em is very similar to Texas Hold'Em with a few slight variations. First, players are only betting against the dealer instead of against each other. Also, there are only two betting rounds--the Ante and the Call--instead of the four typically associated with Texas Hold'Em with the Ante and the Flop, River and Turn bets. Essentially, it is a simplified variation of the traditional Hold'Em game that beginners will find fun and exciting. By taking advantage of various Bodog bonus code, players can even get free money for practicing.

The best part about Caribbean Hold'Em with this casino is that players do not have to create the best hand on their own; the computer software does this automatically for the players. To make things more convenient, the casino also provides a 'ReBet' button so that the same bet amount can be selected hand after hand. After players have received their Bodog bonus codes and navigated to the Caribbean Hold'Em game room, they will find that the table limits are a $1 minimum and a $250 maximum. There is also a progressive jackpot associated with the game; players can take a chance with this for an additional $1 bet, regardless of the amount of their antes. Players can choose from chips in $1, $5, $25 and $100 denominations for creating a bet of anywhere between $1 and $250.